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Apple iPod nano

Another shiny new Apple product – The iPod nano – a new super small iPod including
a colour screen etc…

This is what Apple say about it

“It may be pencil thin. It may be just 1.5 ounces light. But iPod nano packs a full-featured
experience in its impossibly small design.

Consider. You can carry up to 1,000 songs with you wherever you go.1 Listen to music,
audiobooks, or podcasts for up to 14 hours.2 Enjoy full-color album art on a gorgeous
color LCD display. Use the acclaimed Apple Click Wheel to scroll through up to 25,000
photos. Play games. Check your calendar. Look up a phone number. Take advantage of
a built-in world clock. Even time your reps with the new stopwatch and lap timer.

Like options? iPod nano comes in two models. The 2GB model holds up to 500 songs;
the 4GB model, up to 1,000. And both come in white or black. Pricing starts at just
$199 and they’re available today. You can order your iPod nano from the Apple Store
right now. Or visit an Apple Store this weekend and become the instant envy of your

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