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Bombay Monkey dubut release ‘Vanish’

Bombay Monkey 'Vanish'

Bombay Monkey ‘Vanish’

‘Vanish’ is the dubut release from Bombay Monkey (aka Andy phillips and Guy Martin)
and has an instant therapeutic effect from the non-intense spacey sounds of intruments,
samples and vocals all combined to give you an array of variation, yet a coherent
sound of very well thought out production. The title track ‘Vanish’ quite literally
takes you from the realms reality as the gentle (skit) track ‘Why’ supplies a spanish
feel to a nylon string guitar with some great sampling thrown in for measure. ‘Camoflage’
begins with an amazing discussion on Big Ben adding the British flavour to the spicy
bombay mix before striking into a more upbeat tempo, then leading on to ‘Honeycombe’,
a track with full vocals which comes as an all round nice surprise! The final three
tracks take you further up that mountain of musical influences until you reach your
optimum with ‘6th sense’. A superb journey travelled through a sublime album.

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