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Chalky white dog poo

Tons of disgusting treacly black dog poo contaminates the pavements of our city streets.

“It’s an election promise – this will begin to change” say Drs Breck Muir and Tom
Lonsdale candidates in the national Australian Veterinary Association elections.

“Natural dog poo is mostly white powdered bone about one third the volume of the artificial
stuff. The foul excrement on the soles of our shoes is indigestible cereal and bacteria,
the end product of unnatural feeding.

“Natural cat poo turns white too and it does not stink. Flat dwellers are ecstatic
when they discover this fundamental truth concerning the cat litter tray.

“We believe that the artificial pet food industry has been able to get away with this
outrage because they and their products are endorsed by the Veterinary Association.

“Whilst ever celebrity vets advertise/promote artificial pet foods on the TV/radio
we will have this disgusting problem.

“Will the 4200 vets from all states kick out the establishment candidates and vote
for clean streets instead? If they do Australia will take a lead and the cities of
the world will follow.

“That must be good for the planet,” say Drs Muir and Lonsdale.

National Australian Veterinary Association Elections, 27 May 1996



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