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The Million Dollar Homepage

What the guy who runs it says
“The idea is simple: to try and make $1m (US) by selling 1,000,000 pixels
for $1 each. Hence, ‘The Million Dollar Homepage”. The main motivation for doing this
is to pay for my degree studies, because I don’t like the idea of graduating with
a huge student debt. I know people who are paying off student loans 15-20 years after
they graduated. Not a nice thought!

So, everyone is welcome to buy my pixels, which are available in 100-pixel ‘blocks’
(each measuring 10×10 pixels). You will see the homepage is divided into 10,000 of
these 100-pixel blocks (hence there are 1,000,000 pixels in total). The reason for
selling them in 100-pixel blocks is because anything smaller would be too small to
display anything meaningful.

You can buy as many pixels as you like, as long as there are some available (see the
live stats in the top right corner of the page). When you buy some pixels, you can
then display an image/ad/logo of your choice in the space you have purchased. You
can also have the image click through to your own website. However, no obscene or
offensive images are allowed.

The pixels you buy will be displayed on the homepage permanently. The homepage will
not change. Using some of the money I make from the site, I guarantee to keep it online
for at least 5 years, but hopefully much longer. I want it to become a kind of internet
time capsule. So, in the long run, I believe the pixels will offer good value. You
will have a piece of internet history!”

Who is he?

My name is Alex Tew, I’m 21 years old and I live in a small town in Wiltshire, England.
I’ll be starting at University in England at the end of September, where I will be
reading Business Management. I’m going to Uni a little later than normal (I will technically
be a mature student), but I’m really looking forward to it. Infact, I can’t wait.
But Uni is not cheap, and faced with the prospect of graduating after 3 years with
a huge debt, I thought I’d try and make some money ($1m should do the trick!)

Is it genuine or a joke?

I am completely genuine and although this site might be funny in various
ways, it is not a joke! I really am selling pixels for $1 each, because I don’t want
a monstrous debt when I graduate. I am pixel hustler and proud!

Check it out genius idea!


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