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Dark Side of the Moon & The Wizard of Oz

This is a simple legend to verify; first, buy Dark Side of the Moon. Its been suggested
that you use the digitally remastered and repackaged Dark Side of the Moon with the
solid prism / triangle on the cover rather than the hollow prism / triangle from the
original cover of the album. Both covers by Storm Thorgerson / Hipgnosis®

Then, get The Wizard of Oz. Again, Its been suggested that you make sure to use the
digitally remastered THX® 50th Anniversary edition.

Put the two together, and mush them all around, out comes an eerie relationship between
the monumentous album and classic film.

Transitions between scenes are often perfectly timed with musical changes.

Turn the sound of the film all the way down, and turn the sound of the album up as
high as you can stand.

It will probably take you a few tries to get the sync lined up just right so be patient.
First load the Dark Side of the Moon CD into your CD player and hit PLAY (>) and
then immediately hit PAUSE (II) so it is cued up and ready to roll. Be sure also to
set your CD player to continuous replay. This in most CD players is done by hitting
the “REPEAT” button twice. Hitting it once will usually repeat only the presently
playing track so hit the button two (2) times and it will replay the CD over and over.
The CD will play roughly two and a quarter times through the entire length of the

Now start the video and fast forward past all the preview junk (about five minutes
worth on the THX version) at the beginning and watch for the THX Digital logo to pop
up. Now get the tape to the very beginning where the BLACK & WHITE MGM lion roars.
After the BLACK & WHITE MGM Lion roars for the THIRD (3rd) time IMMEDIATELY hit
the play button on the CD player.

The credits begin to roll, and the ambient noise that opens the album begins. You
know the synchronicity will work if the music kicks in just as Produced by Mervyn
Leroy pops up.

Now, we would suggest you stop reading here and experience it first. It is much more
fun to watch it without knowing, ahead of time, what you are going to see. Otherwise,
from here, we are going to take you on a step by step tour of the scenes and music
as they occur.

For far too much information on this subject goto


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