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The printable, low cost, disposable video display arrives

7, 2005 Siemens has announced a new colour display screen that can be printed onto
paper or cardboard and is thin, flexible, and affordable enough to be included in
books, magazines, labels, tickets, instructions, multimedia games embedded in the
breakfast cereal box and a host of other traditionally “dumb” media where clarity
of the message is vital – such as the dosage instructions on drugs, installation instructions
for people who normally don’t RTFM ad infinitum – when the new technology reaches
market in 2007, the convergence of media types will further accelerate with the possibility
of video instructions incorporated into packaging, video-enabled print adverts, and
printed magazines and books with multimedia capabilities.” Full

Do they have any idea how long we’ve been waiting to be able to surf the net with
a cereal box while we eat breakfast?


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