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Washing machine of the future – no water required!

Industrial Design students from the School of Design and Environment are the first
Asians to win the prestigious Design Lab Award at the international Electrolux Design
Lab 2005 competition.

Held in Stockholm, the competition is organised annually by the Electrolux Group in
a bid to encourage students from around the world to design household appliances for
the future. This year, participants competed to create the most outstanding new appliance
concept for the home of 2020. 

award winning design of third year students Gabriel Tan and Wendy Chua, beat entries
from 3,000 other students from over 88 countries. Called Airwash, the waterfall-inspired
washing unit is waterless and does not use detergents. Instead, it utilises negative
ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean clothes.  By using atmospheric air
and negative ions – a natural cleansing agent – it fights dirt and bacteria with nature’s
own weapon. Airwash is also designed to be placed anywhere in the home, instead of
the designated laundry area.
According to the Electrolux Group, the Airwash design emerged as the winner because
of “its intuitive, ecological and beautiful design. Airwash also does away with the
expensive, time-consuming task of going to the dry cleaner.”


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