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Michael Lau’s MR. SHOE (sample) Exhibition

dpmhi (re)present Michael Lau’s  MR. SHOE (sample) Exhibition
26 November, 2005 – 03 January, 2006

His name is Shoe, people usually call him “MR. SHOE”.
One day, when MR. SHOE woke up, he had made a big decision. “I decided to buy a pair
of shoes.”
He went to a shoe shop but nobody greeted him at all. Shopkeepers still ignored him
after he had waited for a few minutes. Then he left and went to another shop. Unfortunately,
he received the same response. He left and went to the other shops…… until the
last one in the town. He was totally ignored by shopkeepers of all the shoe shops!
He was so annoyed. Then he stopped a shopkeeper and asked for the reason. “Why do
you ignore me and don’t sell any shoes to me? I want to buy a pair of shoes.” “Nonsense!
Why does a shoe need to buy a pair of shoes?” said the shopkeeper. MR. SHOE was very
upset and discontented. So he decided to make his own shoes. His custom-made shoes
were unexpectedly well-perceived by his friends. And this is the birth of MR. SHOE
SHOP (SAMPLE). Finally, MR. SHOE got his shoes.
“I attempt to testify the attractiveness and effectiveness of shoes on “crossover”
and “sample”.”

Michael Lau

2-3 GPS
Great Pulteney Street

London W1

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 10-7  Sun: 12-5
T: +44 (0)871 218 0260

Click here for more info on the Michael
Lau  Mr. SHOE (sample) exhibition


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