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Mr Benn – The Complete Series

as if my by magic, the shopkeeper appeared!’

The vhs collections have long been deleted and as such fetched very high prices on
a certain popular auction website.
Now you can get all the televised episodes of Mr Benn on a no-frills dvd plus one
new episode which apart from newly recorded music could easily have been from the
original series.
Kids will love Mr Benn, his adventures involve pirates, dinosaurs, sea monsters, spacemen
– great marketing(!) but i’d imagine this DVD will appeal just as much to people who
loved watching this series when they were young, us!

Don’t expect any trailers, making of documentaries, or biographies on this dvd, all
you get is is every episode of Mr Benn from the 70s plus Mr Benn – Gladiator, the
new story – that’s it.
What more do you want?

You can buy it here


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