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Beastie Boys: Adrock, MCA, and Mike D in NBA Street V3

digitized history, the Grammy-nominated rap trio have transferred their wild, humorous,
and Old School flavored b-boy energy into the game play.

out in gear from their hometown team the New York Knicks, Adrock, MCA, and Mike D.
appear in NBA Street V3 as unlockable characters. As befitting their individual character
traits, each Beastie has different skills that will help players able to unlock the
Boys to own the court. The secret is to face off against the Beastie Boys in NYC’s
Dyckman Park in the “Street Challenge” mode.

If you win the challenge, then you will unlock all three Beasties for all the other
modes of the game, including regular 3-on-3 action and the all-new Slam Dunk Contest.

“You know, I wish that there was some way
that I could be outside playin’ basketball in the rain
and not get wet. Now wouldn’t that be great, hmm?”

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