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POW – Pictures On Walls

is not like other culture because its success is not made by its audience. We, the
public, fill concert halls and cinemas every day. We read novels by the millions and
buy records by the billions. We, the people, affect the making, the taste and the
quality of our culture.

The Art we look at, however, is made by only a select few. A small group create, promote,
purchase, exhibit and decide the success of Art. Not more than 5000 people in the
world have any real say. When you go to an Art gallery you are simply a tourist waving
flags at a parade. A parade where the winner was decided without you.

We want to make Art that charts. We thought of calling it a revolutionary new way
to sell Art but it’s not revolutionary. It’s just cheap.

The malls are coming out of the walls.”

Artwork, books and other stuff form the likes of: Stanley Donwood, 3D, David Shrigley,
Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, Space Invader, Eine, Faile, Bast, Insect, D*Face, Mode2, Gee
Vaucher, Pete Fowler, Modern Toss, Sickboy, Dolk Lundgren, Lucy Mclauchlan, Eelus 


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