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Oi Punks, Your Maggot is a Golfer

friends over at Golf Punk Magazine have
Maggot from Goldie Lookin’ Chain in
their mag this month and have taken it upon themselves to support him in the Big Brother
house and are running a campaign to keep him in.

They say:

“To most of you Maggot may just be the scruffiest, funniest and sanest member of the
Celebrity Big Brother house, but to us he’s a little bit more than that.

When he’s not dropping science with Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Maggot is found keeping
it real on the grass dancefloor with his favourite mashie and niblick in tow.

So we want you to join us and take advantage of this surreal marriage between golf
and reality TV by voting for MAGGOT to win Big Brother. 


And all those folks who go down to the studio for evictions should take posters supporting
Maggot and scream really, really loud when his name is mentioned. Maybe you could
chant. Something along the lines of….’Oh son, your Maggot’s gonna win it’, you get
the idea.”

Go here for more information:


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