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Camouflage Wallpaper

Wowzers! Just what we’ve always been waiting for… Camouflage wallpaper
Thankyou – I looked
around your site for about 30 mins before I realised you translated it into English
– DOH!

“Camouflage wallpaper sets the course in your home.

It will bring color to your room and liven up the walls. This wall ornament has the
equal effect as a painting and creates great atmosphere even in small amounts. The
robust material will allow you to carry out your own customizing.

Watch out fitted kitchens!

The high quality fleece has a discreet imprinting and is refined with a 200dpi laser
print technic. The wallpaper is produced on demand, so therefore individual purchase
quantities cause no difficulty.

Minimum purchase is ten meters.

  • Dimensionally stable and tearproof

  • No warping while cutting

  • No shrinking

  • Peels off effortlessly

  • Made in Germany

  • Delivery approx. 14 days”


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