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Phonography archive

Phonography eGroup has an archive of sounds here and
some of the recordings are amazing.

“This field recording repository is an extension of the eGroup disscussion list Phonography.
Although this is primarily for the Phonography readers, others are welcome and encouraged
to upload their recordings.”

Don’t miss these:

“Monkeys in the Chiangmay Zoo going crazy and Thai children laughing about them.Recorded
with a cheap stereo microphone on a Sharp MD recorder.” Link

“Blackburn Town Centre: Recorded on a busy Saturday afternoon amongst the happy shoppers
of Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. There is a nice change of dynamic when I walk in and
out of shops, and from the outside to the inside of the centre. Listen out for some
very strong Lancashire accents as well. Recorded using a pair of Soundman OKM II binaural
microphones and a Sony MZ-R91 minidisc recorder. Mastered using an iMac rev.A 233
and Pro Tools Free. Encoded to mp3 using iTunes 2.0″ Link

“I was recording street sounds on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland, CA when this young man
walked up to me and started asking questions. Recorded with Sound Professional mics,
Deneke A/D converter, Sharp MD. Fade in/out and normalized with CoolEdit” Link


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