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Emil kozak – Freelance Design and Artsty Shit

Emil is a skater, graphic designer and also the owner and motive power behind the
website, a site guiding you to the best Barcalona Skate spots and
showing good photos from them as well.

LAB – Kindergarten Legends

MISC. Paintings Acrylic on canvas. all of them are 140X90 cm

Paintings Acrylic on canvas. 92X73 cm.
“You´ll all die in your cars” is inspired by the Ben Folds song called “Zak and Sara”.
I like Ben Folds, and so should you. “It´s not small” is the result of a juvenile
discussion, my girlfriend and i had, about penis-size vs. overweight. (The michelin
guy – also called Bibendum – on the painting is actually right according to medical

Human book – A sneakpeak of some of my contributions to the upcoming HUMAN book published
by Booth-Clibborn


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