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Fm3 Buddha Machine

little soundbox has quickly achieved cult classic status in the electronic music community.
They moved a couple thousand over the holidays (Brian Eno bought 8!).

The creators, FM3, are the duo of Christiaan Virant and Chinese keyboardist and computer
musician Zhang Jian, both based in Beijing.

Their simple box plays 8 ambient loops (buddhist type tones to melodic guitar) and
fits in the size of your palm. It includes a built-in speaker, a headphone output,
volume control, and a switch that rotates the loops.

Plug in your headphones and veg out, or put it by your desk for stress relief. You
know pretty soon that people are going start integrating the colorful, lo-fi sound
into productions too. Available in 6 different colors (shipped randomly). Comes in
a kitschy Chinese packaging too

Only $25 go buy it here


info on the Fm3 Buddha Machine

You can hear some short samples over at the FM3 site here

Also there’s and in depth interview with FM3’s Christiaan Virant titled The
Ghost in the Buddha Machine
 over at Rare

Mine is already in the post…


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