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Enviromentalistic – Mores dates in the UK

never wanted a normal job or to live a normal life. I never aspired to work for anyone
other than
myself. Repetition bores me. Traffic aggravates me. Stampedes scare me. I started
doing stuff on the streets as a way to reach a wider demographic of people with my
“unlearn” message; the positive reaction kept me going. Self-expression in a public
environment, to me, is for the most part based on truth and not motivated by commerce…
and that had a strong appeal to me as well.

I like to channel ideas, thoughts or messages into my work that I wish to convey that
I otherwise might never express. I also have a personal goal to expose as many people
to art as possible and to honor the power art has when it’s created and accepted.

I like to work fast, unconsciously and spontaneously. I concentrate on good brushes
and paint, pulling materials from my immediate environment and preparing my surfaces.
I like to work on 5 pieces at a time and watch them develop in unison. I have been
pushing the level of integrity in my work a lot though lately, looking deeper into
color and mood to better capture and translate the human experience.

My work utilizes a range of mediums, composed of wood, canvas, chipboard, oil and
acrylic paints with found materials, paper, and pen and ink. Textures, patterns and
shapes build a setting in which the human form is embedded, creating a visual representation
of the complexities of the human experience and environment.
Dave Kinsey

EXHIBITION : 07/04/06 to 14/05/06 more info @ Alice


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