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Wooster Comix #1 – Now Available!

Late last year the Wooster Collective invited a group of our favorite artists to try
their hand at creating a series of narratives featuring their characters and street
iconography. Many of the artists had never tried adapting their work into a storyline,
so the project became equal parts challenging, exciting, and – ultimately – extremely
creative and rewarding.

The results of this experiment have just been published in our first “Wooster Comix”
The book features a group of over 35 artists from around the world.

They include:
Dr. D, Goin, Lobster Roll, Travis Millard, Adam Neate, Bob Krobbauer, Allison
Cole, Vinnie Ray, Mel Kadel, Jon Burgerman, Isoe, Justin Kees, Lennard, The Killer
Gerbil, MCA, Diego Bergia, Cody Hudson, 0190ren, Matthew Rodriguez, Urban Medium,
Pash, Zonenkinder, Ryan Browne, TVboy, Tofer, Rekal, Judith Supine, Numskull, Rafael
Badilla, Tihm, Pure Evil, Anthony Lister, Drawwer, Caliper Boy, Eric Orr, Mike Clark

Here’s a couple of sample pages:

They’ve printed 1,000 of the “Wooster Comix #1” To cover printing and production costs
and are making them available for sale at $10.00 each plus shipping. Starting
today, you can order them by clicking on the link here


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