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Poodle disguise for Dobermans

Ok the Stier
fighting with Pitbulls
created people’s blood to boil so I don’t know what’s going
to happen with this one?

Poodle disguise for Dobermans

Are you sick of people looking at your breed of dog in fear
because politicians and the media are saying things like;

“We want to breed these dogs out of existence,”

“They are killing machines on a leash.”

“These breeds don’t belong in our community”

Well worry no longer, attackchi will be making disguises for all the
so called ‘dangerous breeds’. Now you can go to the park with your kids and your dog
(like you have been doing for years), without the worry of people thinking you are
a bad parent.


Doberman into a Poodle


Kit includes;

– Fake fur pieces (4 leg pieces, one body piece, and head
– Black face paint (safe for dogs)
– Safe suit fitting method statement and instructions.

(items sold seperately)
– Under harness

>> Instructions <<

doberman smelling

doberman strap

1) Unwrap your kit, let your dog sniff everything. 2) Fit the under harness to your dog, adjust the straps to suit.

doberman tags

doberman padding

3) Put some duct tape tags onto the harness 4) Put some padding on top and tape it to the tabs

staple layers

duct tape staples

5) Lay the fur out and staple padding to it 6) Put tape over the staples to avoid injury

extra duct tape

place over doberman

7) Put some extra duct tape on 8) Place it over your dog

doberman padding

doberman foot

9) Add some padding if required, tape flaps into place

10) Line up foot with ‘special foot insertion device’



doberman foot?

now poodle foot

11) Place the ankle piece on the foot 12) Remove the ‘special foot insertion device’ and fluff up the ankle

doberman look like sheep?

doberman in coat

13) Put the hat on your dogs head 14) Take your dog outside and paint it black
(use face paint supplied, safe for dogs)

15) Done!

doberman disguise as poodle

Oh what a lovely dog!

For more info on dog abuse and other dog related randomness go here


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