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and Nike have unveiled a running shoe that tells you, via your iPod, how far you have
run and how many calories you have burned. The Nike+
consists of a transmitter that is slipped into the trainer and sends information
back to the music player with every step; a voice on your iPod then tells you how
you are getting on. The system has even been programmed so that when your energy levels
start to flag, it calls upon a pre-chosen “power song” to give you a motivational
boost. The sensor kit will be available from 13 July and costs £25; the first training
shoe it can be fitted into, the Air Zoom Moire, will go on sale in July, priced £65.

More info here

in sync.

Sync up after you cool down. Just as seamlessly as it syncs your music, photos,
and calendars, iPod nano also syncs your run. Simply connect iPod nano to your Mac
or PC, and your workout data syncs to both iTunes and, where you can
see your runs, set goals, and challenge friends. The Internet is an open road. …more

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