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Hip Hop Cover Art Book

Flipping through this book is like looking through a well groomed and comprehensive
hip-hop collection, meticulously organized by time period, bent corners and stains
included. Starting with the infamous Rammellzee-Basquiat cover, you’ll discover some
things you’ve never seen before (the Beauty & the Beat and Kru-Cut labels to name
a few) and re-experience some of your favorites (the De La and Hiero pages are quite
nice). There’s a lot to get into with neat label and year cataloging and the occasional
caption; good for at least half a year worth of dump time reading. Staring at all
these 12″s takes me back to the unabashed days when I’d elbow a fellow record shopper
out of the way to get to a fresh crate. And for you wannabe designers, I can’t stress
how much these designs are begging to be hijacked. 160 matte pages with a couple hundred
full color examples.


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