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Robots Will Kill

“Robots Will Kill is an arts site dedicated to community and exposure for artists/media
often disregarded by the mainstream art world. Set in motion in 2001, Robots Will
Kill is the brain-child of Chris Chillemi.

Rather than featuring his own work exclusively, he opened it up to allow the possibility
for it to become whatever it evolved into being. At the time that this is being written,
the site is showing work of over 3500 artists from around the world. With the surge
of incredible art from practically all mediums coming in- the responsibilities for
the various aspects of the site have been delegated to people who were involved from
the very beginning. Col has taken on both the promotion and administration of the
Graff Section, fuelled entirely now by user-submitted pics.

Kevpsyn is working on taking the Verse section up to speed with the rest of the site,
while also expanding and maintaining the technical aspects of Robots Will Kill. Chris
to this day is still the back-bone of the entire project. Talking to and recruiting
Artists for the site, participating in shows and collaborative works, making sure
your order gets out as quickly as robotically possible, always thinking of new ways
to help the site and the project stay fresh in the face of exhaustion and complacency.

As the site enters into it’s fifth year, we have nothing but gratitude for the people
that have helped make this all possible, our friends and families, the graff/street-art
and outsider-art communities, and especially the people that keep visiting the site.”

by Nick Walker

by Jet-Pac

pencil sketch from sketchbook by Alone. 2005.
by Alone

by Adam Neate


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