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Animatronic Flesh Shoe (Moving, twitching, pulsating.)

The shoe is stitched together with multiple pieces of latex rubber cast out of moulds
made from my own skin. The shoe’s toe and heel raise and lower as it occasionally
vibrates/pulsates, and twitches on the floor as if it were still alive. The movement
is not constant, and usually causes people to jump back while they are in the middle
of leaning in for a closer look. It is constructed of Latex, Steel, Gear motors, Printed
circuit, Rio MP3 Player, Batteries, Staples, Roommates Hair. Scale: Size 10 shoe.

Artist statement

It’s a Nike shoe stapled together with human flesh, twitching…

Other than simply being twisted, this piece comments on issues of sweatshop labour
and content ownership. Each piece of skin is therefore different in colour, size,
and texture and the Nike Logo is done in white, slapped overtop of all the other colours.

We live in a culture disconnected from what it is doing to itself and others, we choose
to ignore rather than deal with the reality we have created for ourselves. This piece
ultimately comments on this simple idea.

in Progress Video Clip

How it works

The shoe uses a circuit to interpret signals sent out from an MP3 Player (Rio PMP
300), and converts them into on/off commands which it sends to the motors. The circuit
works the same way the VU analyser on a stereo works (the lights that bounce up and
down when a song plays).

It uses a LM3915n chip but instead of outputting to lights, the signal is converted
from a negative pulse, to a positive one, (with a 4049) boosted (with Tip 122’s) and
then sent to the motors. This gives the appearance of random movement with no need
for programming as highs and lows in the song will determine when and how the shoe


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