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Gabriel Urist – Custom Bling Accessories

Creating miniature sneakers on chains, Urist’s work has caught fire amongst the community,
fueling the fire for the extension of urban fashion and into accessories which bolster
the staying power of this huge potential market in sneaker culture. Not only are people
wearing sneakers on their feet, they are rocking a vintage Jordan in 18k gold on their

Interested in making “other pieces like class rings and military pieces,” Gabriel
Urist finds himself at a point where his work has taken a substantial place in the
heart of a culture he is passionate about. As I stood inside of his apartment where
he produces all his work, he pointed to a poster listing all of the air trainers,
trying to find the one that he had first fallen in love with.

Two years after his trek into sneaker culture stardom, he continues to push his work,
but hopes to do “bigger and more intricate things” in the future. It will be interesting
to see where this leads – whether or not

Custom bling accessories have been huge this past year, and it’s a testament to how
diverse this culture has become, allowing a multitude of forms to come into the culture
and create a larger community for enthusiasts like you and me.

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