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Fibrid Michael
Andulewich, Daniel Kushner and Jaime Salm encountered in their thesis investigation
the abundant paper waste stream produced by Philadelphia. In response to the availability
of paper as a resource Fibrid decided to utilize this waste and the existing infrastructures
of collection and processing to produce the first line of housewares made from molded
paper fiber.

Their designs are the result of analyzing the urban environment, collaborating with
a manufacturer and extracting the essence of emerging socio-cultural trends ranging
from mobility, lightness and digital living.

Fibrid recognizes the great potential in molded fiber and has only begun to explore
its capabilities. Fibrid’s objective is to elevate the material from the industrial
packaging market into the context of home furnishings. Fibrid’s vision is to use home
furnishings as a vehicle for introducing molded fiber into the landscape of mainstream
consumer products.

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