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How graphic-design has entered our lives. A wide-ranging survey showing how graphic
designers & illustrators are applying their skills in variety of fields. From
sneakers to t-shirts, from wallpapers to toys, from furniture to household products,
from big to small, from head to toe.

Publisher’s description:

A world of graphic arts appearing on our daily items – From fashion, toys, furniture,
to household products, featuring design by more than 70 ingenious artists from around
the world.

A new graphic arts world is appearing in our lives. Graphic design is everywhere,
touching everything we do, everything we see, and everything we buy. The current state
of the graphic design industry is a bustling one. Graphic design is no longer the
supporting character, but the leader in designing the visual tone of any brand or
any product. Every day the effort becomes more and more challenging for today’s
graphic designers to envision and create unique designs with powerful messages to
compete with the multitude of ads that seep into our daily lives.

In this book, we talk about graphics that create some kind of relationship with us.
It is not only a relationship between audience and the entity, like we would get from
reading a book or seeing a poster, but also a relationship with our lives. This relationship
encompasses all the design disciplines – including fashion design, architectural design,
industrial design, interactive design, etc. Most of us can recognize the value of
good design in major undertakings such as building a house; few of us give it much
thought in our daily items. Graphics that appear in our daily living and our surroundings
are very often mostly neglected or forgotten. To a lot of people, design is like a
trend, but rather an art of making objects look beautiful. It is true that many designers
are going under the trend, however, good design isn’t reliant on anything. It
can be made with tools on a computer; it can be made with fabric; it can even be made
by a paper box that people are going to dump.

Discover the omnipresent power of living graphic design around you. From big to small,
from head to toe, the survey comprises of study of top international brands to unique
projects by design experts and also up-and-coming designers.


Established as an identity to emphasize the strength of collaborative efforts in the
area of visual communication. Not only creating more perspectives for those who love
design and visual graphics, VICTION:ARY also aims to provide a channel for creative
talents to share their truest spirits all over the world.


– Flexi hard cover

– Full colour throughout

– 210 x 265 mm (H)

– 272 pages

– ISBN 849630938X

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by online at Magma


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