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ARTVSTS – Urban Art Activists

ARTVSTS was spawned by the core of passion for urban art. These urban art activists
falls among illustrators and designers. We live by the liberal and free traffic where
art exists and collides. Our passion depicts condusive expressions that coincide in
the graphic fabric of our streets. We exists as one but practices the freedom of individualism
as a medium to create windows of opportunities to quench our stand. We do not believe
that art stretches only on canvas. We bring the gallery to the streets.

ARTVSTS are OneTwoDelta / LilPinkDevil / maes2ro / Orkibal / PhuEk! / The Killer Gerbil
/ Zero

Check this awesome video

The Killer Gerbil for Super Style Mix 2006 (RAZR inspired).

Found via For
more information goto


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