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Who is Justin “Projekt” Rowley

started with a sketch. Now he moves paintings across the country and on his better
days globally. Justin Rowley came out as an independent underground artist right out
of college. Nearly 4 years later as a seasoned veteran of urban art he continues to
reinvent his work and himself, as his views and world changes. “My work can be as
calm and precise as a well thought out easel painting, or carried out with the immediacy
and imagination of a graffiti writer bombing.” It was this versatility that made him
a standout, and is responsible for his growing audience and media attention in Art
News magazine, BET’s Rap City the Bassment, Artwalk Magazine, San Diego Union Tribune’s
Night and Day, etc.

His work is unique and often requires unconventional materials. His latest mixed media
works are some combination of House paint, Spray paint, Oil and sometimes acrylic
Paint. “Each material has a strength and a weakness. When you combine the strengths
of your materials you get better paintings.”  Rowley’s intuitiveness of the world
comes through in his work, which is specific to him and invented on the fly.

Rowley graduated from SDSU  with a degree in Painting and Printmaking. Armed
with street knowledge and solid paintings he launched Urban Projekts to promote his
work. Urban Projekts has quickly become known for unusual publicity stunts and gallery
shows up the California coast.


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