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Michael Sieben – Skater / Painter Type Bloke

Michael Sieben, originally from Seguin, Texas, is a painter made famous for
his work with skate company Toy
, bmx company Terrible
and Thrasher
. In 1999 he graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree
in fine arts then started both the now defunct Camp Fig and Okay Mountain art spaces
for local artists, as well as the zine Programmed
from India. He is now designing graphics for Bueno

He currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Allison and his two cats Nathan
and Josie. He’s interested in: children’s books, storytelling, malaise, repetitive
actions, ski vests, masks, boats, secret identities, and nostalgia. He’s not interested
in: corporate picnics, jewelry, negative attitudes, another car payment, mountain
bikes, electronic music, martial arts, oil pastels, Nikes.

We likes his work – ‘citin innit…

For more information on Michael Sieben goto his website,
there’s a good article on the man himself over at and
another good one at


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