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Future Relic

Future Relic (FR) is the collaboration of two artists: Paul Kim (NYC) and Kenyon Bajus
(Philadelphia). They met in college in 1998 where Paul studied photography and Kenyon
focused on the graphic arts.

Their different styles attracted them to work with one another, and so FR was born
in 2002. With the t-shirt as their medium of choice, the two began to explore the
realm of cultural values and conventions, questioning their relevance and roles in
the future through rousing imagery.

Soon after the release of their first set of tees in the summer of 2003, they grabbed
the attention of the art/t-shirt community across the world with their provocative

X-Large became one of the select shops to carry the Future Relic line in their flagship
store in Los Angeles, and so the FR-XL connection was made.

Future Relic jumped at the chance to collaborate with one of the pioneers in urban
street wear and look forward to working side by side with more people in the community.

To find out more about what Paul and Kenyon are up to and to view the Future Relic
collection, go to


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