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Hulger – Custom Designer Mobile Phone Accessories

One day people might have a HULGER phone for every outfit, after all it costs less
than a nice pair of shoes! Mobile phones are not only a bit boring but there are also
rumours that they cook your brain. At HULGER we think this is a bad thing & in
initial tests we see that the P*PHONE cuts radiation exposure to the head by around
90%. We think that cooking is something good for food, not brains. HULGER thinks hands-free
kits don’t make sense. They might be practical but they make you look crazy – as if
you are talking to yourself in the street. HULGER shows you are talking with a friend,
not one of your other personalities. HULGER does not understand why we have to have
a new mobile phone every year. We don’t like disposability, we like things that we
keep forever. Just like Mr Hulger.

These are Monorex custom HULGER P*PHONEs. Monorex, a London-based collective of artists
and designers, are all over the city producing small underground projects, staging
events with live painting, dancing and beat battles as well as designing for the likes
of Nike

Monorex were brought together by their desire to produce work which they felt people
wanted to see. Not seeing any platform for them to do this, they decided to go it
alone and create their own – Nice work Monorex

Here are the artists…


‘I like playing and mixing with my styles of painting to yield a more unique and dramatic
finish. The challenge for me is to avoid being repetitive and monotonous, as it is
easy to fall into that trap and difficult to become unglued. My eyes are offered and
exposed to so many spectacular images described with every possible adjective everyday,
why not try and give something just as unique back?’


‘I’m an illustrator and graffiti writer from a small sea side town on the south coast.
I’m currently studying illustration and animation at Kingston University where my
work is largely observational drawings of people. My work is a mixture of loose illustrative
drawing with a graffiti mentality resulting in imaginative scenes and stylised figures
that crawl out of my pencil and onto whatever’s in front of me. Since hooking up with
the Monorex fam I’ve been collaborating with a whole lot of crazy folk to produce
some new and interesting stuff. Long may it continue.’


‘Mean, Mr.Meaner, and more recently MN are all aliases that have been associated with
my work, but I’d say my most recognisable work comprises of a vacant looking, round
headed character. My obsession with this character is the result of a combination
of numerous different influences ranging from graffiti and comic books, to tacky horror
movies and cinema confectionary. I’ve tried to really define each of my influences
and portray it through a solitary image that can fit comfortably within each separate
style. ‘


I like to explore new and original ways of projecting my artwork so I am constantly
on the look out for new methods of design. Over the last couple of years I have applied
my style to a range of products, such as flyers, logos, posters, murals, corporate
identity design, stickers, art direction, clothing, and websites. You name it, I’ll
spray it !!!


Hailing from the deep southern countryside, Alpha Male has been slowly adjusting to
city life, breeding his very own unique family of misfit humans and weird mutant creatures
along the away. Known for a fast turnover of characters his work has become notorious
among black book pages, canvases and walls

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