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Environmentally Friendly Graffiti

You’d be hard-pressed to find a less offensive set of materials than a pair
of socks, a sponge and a bottle of kitchen cleaning fluid. They’re hardly the tools
of today’s high-tech urban anarchists, right? Wrong.

‘anti-graf’ artist Moose is turning the accepted rules of graffiti on their head.
His method involves the cleaning, or ‘re-facing’, of his home town’s cityscape so
that his work – be it a Big Brother eye on a road sign, an underpass with ‘Thank U
4 Not Breeding’ writ large across it or ‘Go Gently’ daubed across the mouth of the
M1 – quite literally shines through.

The idea came to him in 1999 when, working as a musician, he noticed something strange
on the tunnels and walkways that surround Leeds. “When people walked along the narrow
pathways their shoulders would leave marks on the lime green tiles. These marks were
a different tone and colour; they had a different lustre too, shining and twinkling
in the cars lights.”

Full article and pics here


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