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hypediss is the place where you can submit your favorite stories, hype or diss the
stories to the top, and comment on anything you like.

Since hypedisse’s content is user-driven, it is up to YOU to contribute. It´s the
place to love and hate, make friends or enemies.

The most hyped item on hypediss is:

Michael Lau X Nike Dunk Low Pro SB

“Michael Lau, known for his kingdom of toy culture, has stepped into the arena of
making shoes here is the first rendition of the LAU nike’s yes kiddies

these shoes come with a toy and a nice wooden like box production numbers are unknown
but word from FLO says they are scarce and yes there is a promo version with the midsole
being WOOD like as well start to get some food and ya tent cuz the shoes go on sale
12:00 am on 9/30″ Link


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