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Readius Cellular Book finally coming to market

“Telecom Italia and Polymer Vision have reached an agreement to manufacture a rollable
display device for the mobile market in 2007.

The device is based on the Readius concept designed by Polymer Vision, they will show
the ‘Cellular-Book’ at 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on February 12th. Its main
purpose is to read newspapers, books and personal data.

Cellular-Book is smaller then a standard mobile phone, it sports a 5-inch screen that
rolls out and displays 16 grey-levels on a high contrast, reflective light paper display
by Polymer Vision.” Link

The Readius is about the size of a mobile phone and it looks like it is a useful
size.  One drawback is that there’s no backlight  but on the plus side it
has a simcard slot and is compatible with GSM/GPRS/EDGE or UMTS 3G link, so it
will be able to connect to a number of mobile services. As flexible screen technology
matures we’re going to see a lot of these devices. Staring at cereal boxes in the
morning will never be the same.


for an animated demo


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