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Ron English – Guerilla Art & MC Supersized and Son

For the past quarter-century, Ron English has been waging a quixotic guerilla war
against corporate America by hijacking some of its most visually arresting billboards.
Openly declaring that ordinary people deserve free speech, but that corporations do
not, his guerilla tactics come in two basic varieties. Sometimes he explicitly repaints
(that is, mutilates) advertisements hawking cigarettes, liquor, and fast food, thereby
making them seem vulgar or stupid; more often he and his crew swoop down, climb up
on to the foot of a billboard, substitute a sign of their own – usually a mordant
parody of the original ad – and then high-tail it before the police arrive on the
scene. Sometimes he gets arrested; usually he does not.

Ron English - Guerilla Art

MC Supersized and SonMC
Supersized and Son


Spruce up your walls with this supersized offering of Ron English’s MC Supersized
and son. English’s clown prince of a fast food nation gets the royal treatment with
this 24′ x 36′ high-quality art print. Available at

Ron is widely recognized in the art world as one of the earliest and most celebrated
in a line of “culture jammers” — people who utilize the images of popular corporate
advertisements and turn them on their head.

for more information on Ron English.

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