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Full Vinyl – The Subversive Art of Designer Toys

Full Vinyl - The Subversive Art of Designer ToysAssembling
approximately 400 figures from the world’s leading figure creators, Full Vinyl presents
an omnibus survey of this burgeoning field. Geared toward garage kits, character figures,
subculture figures, limited editions, and extreme figures by master creators, this
book satisfies the appetite of the figure aficionado with a continuous stream of figures
and vast and comprehensive selection.

Full Vinyl covers mass-produced popular favorites (such as Homies), sub-culture
figures, Anime-inspired figures (such as Bome), category-defining “thingies”, Hong
Kong luminaries (such as Eric So and Michael Lau), figures based on the work of hugely
popular artists (such as Gary Baseman or Yoshitomo Nara), and artists that take figure
making to the next level (such as Shinichi Yamashita).

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