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Knitted glove controller from Engineered Fibre Structures

today the Engineer
 published an article on Engineered
Fibre Structures
 innovative new knitted control interface.

“The glove is produced from standard acrylic or stretch-nylon base yarn and it can
be made on a conventional industrial knitting machine. The wearable device looks and
feels like a normal glove, except it has conductive pathways knitted into the material.
The fingers are tipped with contactors, so if a user puts his or her thumb together
with any other finger, they will create an electric circuit. The glove is completely
wireless and its power pack and Bluetooth device is mounted at the cuff.” Link

The Engineered Fibre Structures team hope to see applications in medicine, game controllers,
general computer interface and “… a communications device, for industrial,
security and military applications” Link


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