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Exotic non-repeating patterns in islamic art anticipated modern mathematics by 500 years

is evidence it [the pattern] was being used, if not understood, 500 years ahead of
when we had any idea what was going on with [it] in the West,’ says physics graduate
student Peter J. Lu of Harvard University. Lu began poring over photos from Iran,
Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan after seeing hints of the pattern while traveling in
Uzbekistan. The Islamic artisans seem to have spun a wide variety of symmetric traceries
from a set of five shapes, according to a report Lu co-authored, published online
February 22 in Science.” Scientific

The designs are very close to Penrose tiles,  discovered by Rodger Penrose in
the 1970’s.

Full Scientific American article here

and Quasi-Crystalline Tilings in Medieval Islamic Architecture
– Peter J. Lu and
Paul J. Steinhardt. Full text PDF with great images.

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