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New prints anounced on
Featured paintings below are ‘The Last Chapter’, ‘Falling Flower’ and ‘Untitled
Tree 3′

Some more info about Dave Kinsey

Not one for the nine to five grind, Kinsey started the creative design studio BLK/MRKT
after moving to the west coast following his education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh
and the Art Institute of Atlanta. Its success has allowed him to pursue his path as
an accomplished designer and fine artist.

Dave KinseyHis
work captures the universal essence of the human condition through an energetic portrayal
of urban characters. Working spontaneously, and utilizing a range of mediums including
wood, canvas, chipboard, acrylic paints, found materials and pen
and ink, he constructs multi-layered, textured environments easily likened to the
complexities of contemporary urban life. His portraits depict beings who are both
triumphant in their defiant stance to their surroundings, and tragic, as they transmit
a visual display of raw emotion and jangled nerves.

The style and substance of his body of work originates in street art, such as his
“unlearn” message, and in keeping with his goal “to expose as many people to art as
possible and to honor the power art has when it’s created and accepted”, Kinsey founded
the BLK/MRKT Gallery, allowing him to provide a crossroads for a new movement of young
and electrifying iconoclasts.

In addition to these pursuits his fine art has been shown in galleries and museums
worldwide, among these a recent exhibition at the URBIS Museum in Manchester. He has
also been featured in such publications as The New York Times, LoDown and Black Book,
and invited to speak at numerous institutions such as The Art Center College of Design,
UCLA, Montserrat College of Art and The University of Florida.

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