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Commodore PC Art

April will see the re-launch of the Commodore brand, with a new line in top end gaming
computers for home users. Not only will you get a high spec gaming machine but you
will also get the chance to customise the look of your PC to suit your home environment.

Gone are the grey and black cases that you get with your standard PC, now you can
chose from nearly 100 individual pieces of art. Selecting from image categories such
as Gaming, Landscapes, Street Art and Art Photography your pc will take on a whole
new look.

It is hoped that in the future users will be able to submit their own artwork, enabling you
to give your PC paint job of your dreams!!

Oh yeah and just in case you’re getting excited, there are no prices yet but your
new sexy Commodore PC is expected to set you back between £1000 and £5000…

To see more of the artwork available visit the commodore site

Posted by: Grit


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