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Shepard Fairey (OBEY GIANT) vs WK Interact – The EAST/ WEST Propaganda Project

everybody heading to or living in TOKYO next week, stop by and see this exhibition
– Its a once in a lifetime experience!

In THE EAST/WEST Propaganda Project, Agnes B brings together for the
first time two preeminent figures of the international street art scene for a confrontation
of their respective graphic spheres. Based on the principal of emulation and collaboration,
this project initiates a visual dialogue between Shepard Fairey (OBEY GIANT) and WK
Interact, two artists working in divergent yet surprisingly complementary styles. >

The artists will produce original works for the show both individually and collectively.
The exhibition will be inaugurated at the TOKYO WONDER SITE Art Center in Toky (March
22nd – April 22nd) and then traveling to the Galerie Du Jour Agnes B in Paris (May
16th – June 30th).

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