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The Touchscreen Boombox Computer

“Hitachi TRK-8200HR + Fujitsu Stylistic 1200 Color Tablet PC

currently running win98 (linux or dual-boot when complete) with MediaCar as
the default mp3 interface with custom skin for the 480×640 portrait display
20g harddrive
pcmcia LAN, and WiFi
internal webcam

custom desktop to keep original aesthetics

The powersupply for the tablet is internal, and wired into the outlet on the boombox,
so you only have to plug in the standard AC wire for both units to get power. the
tablet also has a battery for complete portablity.

Functional as both PC and boombox. radio works, but the indicator had to be removed.
the built-in mics will feed into the tablet, along with line-in and possibly radio
so i can record radio to the harddrive, if i ever wanted to. the line-out of the tablet
goes to the line-in of the boombox. the headphone jack on the boombox is unchanged,
and the amplified external speaker jacks on the boombox had to be removed to make
room for the power switch, standby and restart switches.

**recently installed: 802.11b adapter, oversized cpu heatsink and 50mm case cooling

Geek geek geek! Whatever he’s turned a boombox into a PC. Is this right? ruining a
perfectly good Boombox??

to this…

more info here


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