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THUNK by Mr Basista

An experimental journey in the freestyle,
unconscious mind

Mr Basista, ex Juice FM host, Freestyle lyricist and longtime
Defcon artist, presents his debut solo album THUNK.

is a daring debut solo project, an all out bold collection of tracks, captivating
and fresh. THUNK beats comprise powerful funk and hip hop influenced sounds and samples,
combining them fluently in a jazz atmosphere which is complimented by interjecting
frank, rhythmical lyrics. THUNK is written, produced and performed by the extra ordinary
talent, Mr Basista.

Basista (Big. In. Japan., Defcon) has previously recorded and released critically
acclaimed tracks alongside Fenna Rhodes and The True ingredients as well as featuring
on mix tapes ‘Play times Over’ &‘Hiphoperation’(Chameleon Records) and for Baggy
Flag Records alongside UK rap heavyweights Supa Nova, Wordsmith & Dr Syntax.

THUNK provides a fun and funky soundscape for listener’s ears,
Basista begs us to revel and roll in funk and electro indie without ever sacrificing
his hip hop roots. Upbeat tracks Booda and Bait King featuring hard funky horns and
shuffling keys will be banging DJ favourites, and wouldn’t sound out of place played
at a funky house or disco club night. In contrast the honest imagery & flowing
rhymes in ‘Dad and Me’ will satisfy all the head nod hip hoppers out there.

For any one who believes the UK rap scene takes itself too seriously,
for any one who believes we need a fresh perspective.
have found the man for the job.

THUNK, by Mr Basista is OUT NOW and available to buy from: or


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