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Giant Robot magazine

From movie stars, musicians, and skate-boarders to toys, technology, and history,
Giant Robot magazine covers cool aspects of Asian and Asian-American pop culture.
Paving the way for less knowledgeable media outlets, Giant Robot put the spotlight
on Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li years before they were in mainstream America’s

Giant Robot

But Giant Robot is much more than idol worship. GR’s spirited reviews of canned coffee
drinks, instant ramen packs, Japanese candies, Asian frozen desserts, and mar-inated
bugs have spawned numerous copycat articles in other publications. GR’s historical
pieces on the Yellow Power Movement, footbinding, Asian-American gangsters, and other
savory topics have been cited by both academics and journalists. Other regular features
include travel journals, art and design studies, and sex.


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