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In Vestimentis Ursum. There’s a robot beneath the fluff.

Investigating the ominous robots, hidden inside furry toys.

Matt Kirkland was born & raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He had trouble keeping his
room clean, and often built toy cars, kites, drawing implements, or child-sized weapons
from things he found in the garbage. He currently designs websites at a small consultancy
in San Diego and has a sideline project whereby he chops up kids toys to show their
scary insides.

"I’ve always been curious about stuffed animals that sing, dance, light up, or
talk back. There must be a fascinating robot underneath the fur and fluff, right?
Surely the robot hiding in the bear’s clothing, vestimentis ursum, is impressive.
So: armed with my childish curiousity and the spurious excuse of ‘product design research,’
I set out to discover what, exactly, these creatures are hiding."

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