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Modern Grafitti by CT

Italian graffiti artist, CT, serves up a fresh twist on “modern” graffiti. It’s interesting to note that CT is from Torino, a town with a rich history in lettering. Societa Nebiolo, a type foundry known for its influential typefaces by their star designer, Aldo Novarese, was located here for many years.

“A lot of people think I’m a computer vector eager but it is not true!!! I‘m unable with computer! All my sketches are done with squared paper and a black pen.
~I try to oversimplify everything to create something new.” Says CT

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  • My vote goes to Brandon! He is the representation of what the store is and how the youth shuold dress. Just by looking at the pictures I can witness his confidence in what he wears. Chasen just doesn’t cut it. His look is to generic in my opinion. Not saying that its bad its just not that interesting. Brandon hands down.