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Home Lego Silver by Invader

Invader is a French street artist who pastes up characters from and inspired by the Space Invaders game, made up of small coloured square tiles that form a mosaic.

He does this in cities across the world, then documents this as an “Invasion”, with books and maps of where to find each invader. He started this project in 1998 with the invasion of Paris – the city where he lives and the most invaded city to date – and then spread the invasion to 35 other cities in the world.

Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego, London, Manchester, Darlington, Newcastle, Geneva, Lausanne, Bonn, Cologne, Ljubljana, Rome, Vienna, Barcelona, Bilbao, Nice, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bangkok, Tokyo, Katmandu, Varanasi, Melbourne, Perth and even Mombasa are now invaded with his colourful characters in mosaic tiles.

Home Lego Silver is an edition of 25. Signed and numbered by the artist. Dimensions: 29.5 x 42cm. Five colour silkscreen printed plus two colour foils. Embossed design on 310gsm paper.



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