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Type Trumps 2 by Face37

Nerd out over serifs and sans-serifs with Type Trumps, the ultimate typophile accessory.

Now in its second series, Type Trumps 2 is a set of Top Trumps-style playing cards where the subject matter is typography and each typeface is accorded stats: weight, year of design, designer, and foundry, along with more subjective numerics like rank, legibility, and “special power.”

Designed by Rick Banks of the UK studio Face37, each card is ingeniously styled around its given font.

Available for £129 from

  • This is Epic! I wish that you come out to Delaware State University to do such a thing for our young black men also, We as Avid Courtesy League are also knowledgeable of the style resinasance of style + character . thanks for being such a great inspiration to us an those that agree.Hanif of ACL