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Battelle’s Tactical Air Initiated Launch system (TAIL)

The ‘TAIL’ uses compressed air, so there’s none of that noise you’d get with an explosive gunpowder-driven grappling hook gun. So noisy midnight raids are now a thing of the past! Phew, what a relief.

This pneumatic launcher grappling hook gun by Battelle accurately fires a titanium grappling hook and Kevlar line 100 feet high and sixty feet away.

It gets better, you can also stick other objects down the barrel and fire.

Unsure on how much one of these would cost but go to for more information

  • Even though Chasen’s look is well put togeehtr, I feel as if Brandon truly embodies what The Brooklyn Circus is. He takes risks in what he wears and look is definitely something that you would definitely see as you walk into a BKC store as opposed to on the street.