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1961 Porsche 356B Cabrio

When professor Ferdinand Porsche started at the 25th of April 1931 with its technical vehicle engineering company he could never have thought that he became so successful after some decades.  Ferdinand Porsche was working mostly on behalf of others but his dream was simple, he wanted to produce sports cars out of his own name and with his own name on the bonnet.

During the second world war, Ferdinand Porsche was taken to prison in France which resulted in a delay to succeed his dream but in the meanwhile, his son Ferry Porsche and professor Eberan van Eberhorst started the project 356.  Ferdinand Porsche became a free man again in August 1947 and in March 1948, the first prototype of the Prosche 356 was ready.

The sales price in the United States was  $ 4.100 – $ 4.300

You can buy one today for $124,598 or £77,500



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